Needarise - General conditions

logo_needarise Needarise

The website of Needarise, which you can join to www.needarise.com (website) inform users, that means people who are going to use the website, the general condition.
This page inform all users about their data, membership, behavior, instruction for use, contact between the website and them which is different than the one between users, our rights and what we propose to the users.
Please, read carefully every single terms and make sure you understand and agree with all of them before using the website (www.needarise.com).
If these general conditions change or improve in the future, the website (www.needarise.com) will ask to read and accept the changes to be allowed to keep using the website.
It would be better to print a copy of the full of general conditions to be sure about what you sign.
Please, it is very important you understand that if you are not agree or do not sign these general conditions, you will not allowed to use the website beside Needafree which is totally free to use and the website do not collect any personal informations when you use Needafree.

logo_needarise Contract

There is no contract between the website (www.needarise.com) and you(user).
If you are in business with an other user, that means you reply to any requests, offers or deal, the website has no part in it. The website create a link between 2 users, that means a meeting in the same place and that is it. If there is any deal between users, that does not concern the website. If the deal works or fail, the website(www.needarise.com) will not have part in it.
It will be useless to make any claim about any deal between users, none of user is an employe of Needarise or act for the count of Needarise.

logo_needarise Data

The website (www.needarise.com) will hold your data on its database wich is hosted at 1&1.
Your data will not be sold or release for a third party which could use them for their own purpose. The website (www.needarise.com) retain your data and use them for the website which means to make some analysis, to deliver on the website and communicate with you in case of any issue or to give you some advices for the website. If you want your data, those are on the website, you can make a request on contact@needarise.com and we will send you a copy on CD or USB Key whithin 4 weeks. We send you an email by return to confirm your choice as well.
Only members of the website will be able to see your information on the website.
You can update or cancel your data anytime beside for the needamessage and needotext, those belong to people which received them as well. These data can be cancelled of our database only if the both cancel them.

logo_needarise Behavior

Needarise is a place to connect people each other, inform about what happens and create a link to have new contacts.
We ask to all of users to be respectful, courteous, nice and have none offensive attitude to any people, religions, sex, groups, animals or any things that could be different of their thought.
If you notice this kind of behavior, you can to mention it on contact@needarise.com or on contact page which is anonymous. Please, think to mention the alias, date, country and city to allow to the website to act of the better way of possible.
The website (www.needarise.com) can delete any account, whenever, with no details or explanations if it thinks that it is necessary. Of course, we prefer to collect your point before to act, that is why we can send you an email if something wrong with your account but this is not an obligation.
The website (www.needarise.com) can not watch all the account at once, so without any mention, the website could not hold responsible.
Needafree wants users feel safe and fine and will try to do it as well as it can. Despite some rules, some users of Needarise can have an inappropriate behavior on a website. We will do our best to bring a safe place but you use Needarise by knowing all of risks.
We can not assure you that Needarise works without any issues about all the functions of the website. We can not take responsibilities about users which no respect the rules, lack of consideration of the other users, the data that provide from users such as pictures, video, words, etc...

logo_needarise Sign up

Every single member have an "Alias" which is unique. You are the one and only to use your alias. Needarise wish every single member may use the website with any privacy.
You can choose and change your address on Needarise as you wish as often as you wish as well but you can not change your alias. So choose it well... Your alias must not be a company label or any copyright. Needarise respects all copyrights or labels company. If you use one of those, your account can be cancelled with none warning. Nevertheless, if there is a doubt, you can send a claim to the company at contact@needarise.com or you allow Needarise to contact you by email to be sure you have the right to use your alias.
Needarise allows its members to create any link each other, which can be commercial or friendly, that is why you need to be 16 years old minimum to use the website. By using the website as member, you declare that you are 16 years old minimum. You are not allowed to give your password, your secret or allowing someone else to use your Needarise account without your permission. You will not do anything against the security of your Needarise account.
You will give true informations about you and they will be always update in time.(excepted address)

logo_needarise Security

Needarise secure the website to make it safe.
For the security of your account, you do not use any virus or code that could affected the website. You do not ask any informations about connection of account, try to use an account that no belongs to you. You will not do any harassment, hating, discrimination or naked picture or video. You will respect the law of the country where you use Needarise from.

logo_needarise Commercials

Needarise will propose some commercials spaces. You allow the website to show you some commercials and use your data about what your feeling with "reco" without any compensation in return. Your data will not give to another company but only use for Needarise and the website.

logo_needarise Cancellation

Needarise ask you to respect all rules of the website. If you do not, your account will be able to cancel. You will received an email from Needarise to let you know.
You can also cancel your account whenever by yourself on the page "parametre" that you can find on your Needaplace.

Last Update: November 24, 2015.